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Interdisciplinary artist

Laura Fabbris

Laura Fabbris class of ’99 attended the Liceo Artistico “A. Modigliani” in Padua, earning a diploma in visual arts in 2018. In the same year, she enrolled in the Venice Academy of Fine Arts with a focus on sculpture, earning her bachelor’s degree in Visual Arts in March 2022 with a grade of 110/110 cum laude. She participated in the Accademia di Venezia’s end-of-year group exhibition during the Art Night event in 2019, and in November 2021 she participated, together with another artist, in the exhibition “Furore” at an exhibition venue in Venice under the patronage of the cultural association Moving Lab, of which she will become an associate artist.

Laura is very interested in and fascinated by Paleolithic art and ancient art in general as a pure expression of the human soul, still uncorrupted and deviated by the social and other superstructures of which it is a victim today. Her research has led her to move from sculpture to goldsmithing by studying the customs and fashion of primitive peoples, adding her own sensitivity and excellent manual dexterity that have enabled her to create jewelry somewhere between the ancient and the contemporary.

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